Clash of the Superpowers

Using the novel, The Brotherhood of the Scroll, this course compares the clash of superpowers in ancient and modern times.

Clash of the Superpowers is designed to introduce you to the history, geography, and biblical references of the exile of Judah to Babylon, and how we can learn and apply this knowledge to present day events. Using the novel, The Brotherhood of the Scroll, you will be given reading comprehension quizzes, trace the story line of events, and write essay papers about key concepts presented in the material. These essays will explore both ancient and modern clashes between world superpowers, cultural ideals, and personal application. As a result of this course, you will learn how to apply the lessons of history to understand current events. You will also learn how to apply biblical principles to confront the same personal moral challenges that faced such individuals as Daniel and Jeremiah thousands of years ago.

The Course has 5 Sections:

  1. Introduction - this section provides an overview of the course, including lesson descriptions and course syllabus.

  2. The Brotherhood of the Scroll - Describes the novel upon which the course is based, and how to order

  3. Video Presentations and Readings - a combination of 5 - 7 minute video lessons and written course readings

  4. Lesson Assessments - vocabulary definitions, matching quizzes, short essay and reading comprehension assessments

  5. Essay Assignments designed to accompany the lessons.  

Intended Audience: Home school, Bible students

Course Overview and Introduction
Syllabus and Course Lesson Descriptions
Old School House Review
Prologue to The Brotherhood of the Scroll
Two Reader Reviews
Ordering "The Brotherhood of the Scroll"
Legacy of Judah's Kings Presentation
The Legacy of Judah's Kings
Lesson 1 Presentation
Lesson 1 Clash of the Superpowers Reading
Lesson 2 Presentation
Lesson 2: Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 3 Presentation
Lesson 3: Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 4 Presentation
Lesson 4 Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 5 Presentation
Lesson 5 Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 6 Presentation
Lesson 6 Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 7 Presentation
Lesson 7: Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 8 Presentation
Lesson 8 Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 9 Presentation
Lesson 9 Clash of the Superpowers
Lesson 1 Assessment
Lesson 2 Assessments
Lesson 3 Assessments
Lesso 4 Assessments
Lesson 5 Assessments
Lesson 6 Assessments
Lesson 7 Assessments
Lesson 8 Assessments
Lesson 9 Assessments
Legacy Essay Assignment
Lesson 1 Essay Assignment: Trade Routes
Lesson 2 Essay Assignment
Lesson 3 Essay Assignment
Lesson 4 Essay Assignment
Lesson 5 Essay Assignment
Lesson 6 Essay Assignment: Standing on Moral Principle
Lesson 7 Essay Assignment: Two Supreme Court Cases
Lesson 8 Essay Assignment: Your Mentor’s Standing Stone
Lesson 9 Essay Assignment: The Role of Geography in Military Campaigns

What's included

  • 11 Video Lessons
  • 34 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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