Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Employees do what they're told. Owners decide what to do. To see yourself as an entrepreneur/owner, take this course.

Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur will provide students with a solid foundation in small business conceptualization, planning, innovation, and design based on Scriptural principles. We seek to help the student learner better understand their spiritual gifts and talents, and what makes you uniquely you. With this as a foundation, it is our desire to help the student learner assess their own goals, talents, strengths and weaknesses in order to realistically prepare to launch a business of their choosing. Within this course, there are eight modules, which we describe as follows:
Module I: Course Introduction: David and Scott introduce the course, discussing who can benefit from taking the course, and their
Module 2: Discovering Your DISC Profile: In this session, you will be introduced to the DISC personality profile assessment. We'll describe its history, what it is, and how it can benefit you. We'll show you how to log into the Uniquely You Portal.
Module III: A Realistic Appreciation of Who You Are: In this session, we lay out the learning objectives for this session. We examine what French Economist John Baptiste Say meant when he coined the term “entrepreneur." Using your DISC personality profile assessment, we ask you to think about your personality blend in light of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
Module IV: Counting the Cost of Entrepreneurship: In this session, we ask you to think about what you are willing to invest to achieve your goals of becoming an entrepreneur. We begin exploring the creation of a business plan by examining the book publishing industry.
Module V: Becoming a Team Player: Sooner or later, you will have to work with others; and build a business team. Entrepreneur must be very specific about the structure of the business and the roles of the business team members if they are to succeed. In this session, we'll consider the elements you must address when establishing these processes.
Module VI: Your Journey from Ignorance to Expertise: This session covers Generation Self Employed's approach to talking about entrepreneurship by using the “story" of the book publishing industry. Using the book publishing industry, we will begin to work on creating a business planning process you can apply to your business idea.
Module VII: The Lemonade Stand Game: A Case Study: In this session we see that if you are an owner instead of an employee, success or failure of your business rests on your shoulders. An employee can walk away form a J.O.B. An owner cannot easily walk away. An OWNER must consider what might go wrong and cause people to complain about your product or service. By playing the Lemonade Stand Game, you will learn what it means to have an OWNERSHIP mindset.
Module VIII: Next Steps: In this session, we discuss the other courses in the Generation Self Employed study series, and how they can help you in your journey from ignorance to expertise.
As you take this course, our goals for you and what you will learn are as follows:
1. That you learn the three vital and creative roles of an entrepreneur - forecaster, project appraiser, and risk taker.
2. That you understand that an effective entrepreneur must possess three qualities – judgment, perseverance, and a knowledge of the world.
3. And finally, using a process called “story-centric teaching,” you will learn the importance of organizational planning, team building, and the vital necessity to monitor revenues and expenses in any business start-up.

Intended Audience: This is a “learn by doing” course that can be used by home school families, unemployed or underemployed adults

Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur
Course Outline and Syllabus
Accessing Course Materials
What is Your DISC Profile?
Registering for Uniquely You's DISC and Spiritual Gifts Profile
Module Overview
Understanding Your Personality Blend
Reviewing Your Personality Profile Report
Scott Badger Discusses the DISC Profile
End of Session 2 Assignment
Module Overview
What is an Entrepreneur?
Live Off Others Vs. Become an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship and The Social Network
Essential Traits for Entrepreneurs
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
End of Session 3 Assignment
Module Introduction
Are You Willing to Invest in Yourself?
Creating a Business Plan
The Book Store Launch
The Entrepreneur Gets a Competent Partner
End of Session 4 Assignment
Module Overview
The Attributes of a Team
The Role of Cultural Attitudes in Building Teams
Team Processes
Northpoint Students Discuss Building a Business Team
End of Session 5 Assignment
Module Overview
Learning Objectives for This Session
The Matrix of Business Entrepreneurship
The Attributes of an Entrepreneur
Real Life Learning Applications
Session 6 Assignment
Module Overview
Learning Objectives for The Lemonade Stand
The Five Cs
Playing the Lemonade Stand Game
The Lemonade Stand Game: Digging Deeper
Joe and Shannon Start Their Lemonade Stand Business
Session 7 Assignment
Northpoint Students Discuss Entrepreneurship
Additional Resources
Next Steps and additional courses from Generation Self Employed

What's included

  • 29 Video Lessons
  • 16 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

David Lantz


I have always enjoyed being a teacher. I have taught adult Sunday School classes and small group bible studies for the last twenty years. Outside of the Bible, I am an Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Economics for the University of Phoenix, Indiana Wesleyan University, and several other Indiana colleges, including Ivy Tech. I teach both online and face to face courses. I was named the 2005 Faculty of the Year by the first graduating class of the Indianapolis Campus of the University of Phoenix.  

I've developed my courses with an eye to creating a story around which to present my content.  This  is called "Story Centric Teaching."  I invite you to review my courses and preview selected lessons.  

I look forward to having you as one of my students!