Your Business by the Numbers

Profit = Total Revenue - Total Cost

Your Business by the Numbers will provide students with hands on experience in tracking sales, monitoring costs, and making a profit. First, you will play an online interactive game called The Lemonade Stand Game. You’ll learn how to create an excel spreadsheet to track costs and revenues. You will learn basic business management calculations, and then apply them to a project to estimate a business budget for a company in the book publishing industry. 

Your Business by the Numbers will teach you how to set your price in such a way that you will know whether or not you will make money, and to test your price level by surveying your customers to be sure you are charging a reasonable price. Within this course, there are nine modules:

Module 1 The first session, Introduction, is designed to explain who can benefit by taking this course.

Module 2 Organizing Your Business Data focuses on the importance of organizing your cost and revenue data in order to track your business.

Module 3 Will You Make A Profit asks you to analyze the Lemonade Stand Game to discover what variables most impact profitability.

Module 4 Be Precise In Your Calculations asks you to make calculations to maximize profits.

Module 5 In the fifth session, Budgeting to Break Even, we introduce the concept of a cost driver. This allows us to construct a cost function, and determine our break even analysis.

Module 6 In the sixth session, Sales by the Numbers, we look at how the sales we make are connected to the profitability of the company.

Module 7 In the seventh session, Budgeting by the Numbers, we will look at how inventory is tracked in the business to see how to reduce costs and increase profits. In this module, we’ll apply what we have been learning in this course to run our business by the numbers.

Module 8 In the eighth session, Setting Your Price, we will look at how to incorporate a survey of your customers with calculations of your costs in order to set a price that lets you make a profit. We’ll examine how people make decisions to see how they decide to buy things.

Module 9 The ninth session, Next Steps, we summarize what has been learned in this course, and preview additional courses in the series available from Generation Self Employed.

Intended Audience: This course is designed for people who are serious about starting a business. The course was pilot tested with highschool age home school students for two years. But it can also be used for people who are retiring from one career but who wish to start up a part time business as a second career choice.

Your Business by the Numbers - Introduction
Course Outline for Your Business by the Numbers
Accessing Course Materials
Module Overview
What Numbers Should We Track?
Organizing Your Numbers to Track Them
Some Numbers Count Revenues, Some Count Costs
You Make Money When Total Revenue is More Than Total Cost
Assignment for Organizing Your Business Data
Module Overview
The Importance of Paying Attention to Cost
How to do Simple Math Calculations with Price and Quantity
Analyzing Historical Sales Trends
Analyzing the Lemonade Stand Game: A Second Look
Section 3 Assignment
Module Overview
Analyze the Lemonade Stand Game
Refine Methods to Make Profit/Loss Calculations Using Microsoft Excel
Measuring Sales Volitility to and Make Forecasts
Section 4 Assignment
Module Overview
Review Your Excel Spreadsheet for The Lemonade Stand
Basic Budgeting Concepts
Cost Drivers and Break Even Analysis
Use a Cost Function to Determine How Much to Sell to Break Even
Making a Business Budget in the Book Publishing Industry
Assignment for Budgeting to Break Even
Module Summary
Calculating Unit Cost
Making Break Even Calculations
Cost of Fulfilling the Sales Proposal Order
Module Overview
Organizing Business Data Into Quarterly Summaries
The Inventory Turn Over Ratio
Analyzing Trends Affecting Your Business
Assignment for Budgeting by the Numbers
Module Overview
Survey Your Customers
How People Make Buying Decisions
Understanding Your Costs When Pricing Your Product
Determining the Profit Contribution Margin

What's included

  • 28 Video Lessons
  • 14 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

David Lantz


I have always enjoyed being a teacher. I have taught adult Sunday School classes and small group bible studies for the last twenty years. Outside of the Bible, I am an Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Economics for the University of Phoenix, Indiana Wesleyan University, and several other Indiana colleges, including Ivy Tech. I teach both online and face to face courses. I was named the 2005 Faculty of the Year by the first graduating class of the Indianapolis Campus of the University of Phoenix.  

I've developed my courses with an eye to creating a story around which to present my content.  This  is called "Story Centric Teaching."  I invite you to review my courses and preview selected lessons.  

I look forward to having you as one of my students!